Unity announces new Plus subscription package, and more collaborative features

$35 a month for a heap of bonuses

Unity announces new Plus subscription package, and more collaborative features

Unity has announced a number of new products at its Unite Europe 2016 event, including a new tier of its subscription service.

Unity Plus - a tier higher than Unity Personal but less powerful than Unity Pro - will be $35 a month based on an annual commitment, or $49 a month on a month-to-month basis.

Pluses and minuses

The package gives developers access to Unity's real-time analytics, as well as offering 1,000 analysis points in projects, but does not offer the raw data output found in the Pro subscription.

Developers also get a month's free access to Unity's certification courseware on the Plus plan, while Pro developers will get 3 month's free access.

Unity also announced Asset Store Project Packs, which are free bundles of assets on the store combined for specific genres, such as racing games.

Plus subscribers will be given one pack a month, while Pro subscribers will be given two.

As well as this, all developers with paid subscriptions will now be able to develop across all platforms without buying add-ons, meaning mobile development is now available to everyone without the need for an additional purchase.

As part of this, Pro packages will now cost $125 a month, with an annual commitment required.

Better together

On top of the new packages, Unity also announced Unity Connect, a marketplace that allows Unity developers to advertise their services and apply to work on Unity projects.

This will work well with the new Unity Collaborate, which allows teams to quickly upload new builds to a central server and access them from within the Unity editor.

The new services and products are expected to roll out through June and July 2016.


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