Rovio's Monster Strike-like, Deminions Unleashed, renamed Pet Monsters

Stealing an audience or setting up a new franchise?

Rovio's Monster Strike-like, Deminions Unleashed, renamed Pet Monsters

Rovio has finally attached its own name to its secret midcore game, Deminions Unleashed, as well as renaming it Pet Monsters.

The game was originally soft-launched in December 2015, with its developer listed as Dark Matter Gaming.

However, a recent update to the game has seen it change its name and listed developer, although there is no clear reason as to why.

The game itself looks a lot like Mixi's Monster Strike, and has players firing off their monsters in pinball-style battles, bouncing off enemies and walls to chain attacks for massive combos.

New name, new franchise?

So the name change could simply be to attract the Monster Strike audience.

However, it's worth noting that Rovio has another game currently in soft-launch by the name of Party Monsters.

It hasn't been updated since February 2016, but it might be the case that Rovio is attempting to start a new Monsters-themed franchise to go alongside its world-famous Angry Birds franchise.

Whatever the case, there's still no clue as to when the game will launch worldwide - though we may hear more soon now that Rovio has officially taken ownership of the game.


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