Updated: sets up new studio to crack mobile MOBAs

Planet of Heroes will be Fast Forward's debut

Updated: sets up new studio to crack mobile MOBAs

Updated: Thanks to uncertainty in the press release, the new studio isn't based in Amsterdam ('s EU HQ) but Moscow, its global HQ.

Given the pivot of Super Evil's Vainglory into a mobile eSport, we can't talk about the Curse of MOBAon mobile anymore.

But it's still the case that PC genre sits uneasily on touchscreen devices.

Nevertheless, Russian media company is keen to solve the problem and it's set up a new development studio in Moscow for that purpose.

Called Fast Forward, its first game is mobile MOBA Planet of Heroes.

All together

Scheduled for release in Q4 2016, Planet of Heroes follows the community-driven philosophy of the studio, which adds a 'council' of community members to be consulted during development.

Similarly, Fast Forward will allow developers and fans to interact and discuss elements of MOBA design.

Fast Forward employs 36 people with extensive experience, and is headed by studio director Ivan Fedyanin, who's worked on games such as Prime World: Defender, King's Bounty: Legions and Etherlords.


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