High quality users are cheaper to acquire on iPhone than Android

According to Verto Analytics

High quality users are cheaper to acquire on iPhone than Android

Long-term users on Apple's iPhone are cheaper to acquire than those on any other mobile device.

So says Verto Analytics, which studied the average cost of acquiring users on Android and iOS, as well as across smartphones and tablets.

It found that long-term iOS users cost on average $4.12, compared to $5.77 on Android. It also found that smartphone users cost $5.29 on average to acquire, compared to $5.57 for tablet users.

Nothing comes for free

The study also compared acquiring users between different types of apps. Games were found to be the fifth-most expensive app to acquire users for at $5.30 on average per user.

Verto Analytics also studied average sessions on Google Play and Apple's App Store. It found that while the number of sessions on average for Android users was almost quadruple that of App Store users, average session length on the App Store was more than double the average on Google Play.

The analytics firm suggested that the time spent on app stores may correlate to the amount of revenue the platform generates. It is unclear how it arrived at this conclusion.


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