Rovio cancels Angry Birds Football after seven months in soft launch

Services to close December 15th

Rovio cancels Angry Birds Football after seven months in soft launch

Rovio has cancelled its soft-launched title Angry Birds Football seven months after it was first released.

The game will remain active until December 15th. On that date, the servers will be closed and the game will be removed from stores.

Angry Birds Football was developed by New Star Games, which also created the popular mobile game New Star Soccer. It had received 13 updates during its first six months of release.

They think it's all over

"We have evaluated Angry Birds Football’s performance in soft-launch and as the game does not perform the way we would like, we have made the business decision to discontinue the development of the game. This is normal during the soft launch process," said Rovio's Communications and PR Manager Minna Tuominen.

Rovio currently has four other Angry Birds titles in soft launch: Angry Birds Match, Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Holiday, and Angry Birds Blast!

It canned another Angry Birds title, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter, in September 2016. It was removed from stores due to "due to the adjustment of product structure platform".


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