Rovio soft-launches another Monster Strike-like called Angry Birds Evolution

Rovio soft-launches another Monster Strike-like called Angry Birds Evolution

Rovio has soft-launched yet another Angry Birds title which looks a lot like Mixi's Monster Strike.

Called Angry Birds Evolution, the game has players firing their birds at the enemy pigs, attempting to bounce them around to deal even more damage and score more points.

If it sounds familiar, that's because it's the same basic premise as both Angry Birds Action!, released earlier in 2016, and another of Rovio's soft-launched title, Pet Monsters.

No more casuals

Evolution is more midcore than Action!, however, as it allows players to level up their birds, summon a number of different birds to make up their team, and engage in some light PvP activities.

The game was first launched on 17 August 2016, and is currently available in Finland, Hong Kong, and Poland.

This now brings Rovio's soft-launch library up to 6 games, 4 of which are Angry Birds related, the other two being midcore PvP title Battle Bay, and the aforementioned Pet Monsters.


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Davis Lee
Rovio is like a 1-hit old band. They had 1 massive successful hit years ago and since fail to produce new hits. For a time they tried having other games but ever since the movie went it looks like they stopped even trying.

They now just slap Angry Birds on games that have nothing to do with the brand audience. Angry Birds Evolution have "over 300 ALL-NEW BIRDS" but not a single one is a recognized character from the games/movie...
Filipe Rodrigues
And today Angry Birds Ace Fighter was disconinued. This game was in soft launch.
Matt Suckley Staff Writer
Thanks for the tip!