Spells of Genesis developer EverdreamSoft adds ability to "blockchainize" cards for full ownership

Turn your digital cards into an item that can be sold for real money

Spells of Genesis developer EverdreamSoft adds ability to "blockchainize" cards for full ownership

Geneva-based mobile game and blockchain developer EverdreamSoft has launched the ability to "blockchainize" in-game items within its CCG Spells of Genesis.

Players of the game can now turn any fully-levelled card into a tradable blockchain asset which they own. This can then be sent or sold to other players at whatever price they choose.

Players will only be allowed to blockchainize three cards every month, to prevent speculators taking over the game. The process will also cost in-game currency, while EverdreamSoft will handle the actual blockchain fees.

Return on investment

"Players can currently invest thousands of hours in games, building up powerful, or unique in-game assets. Yet, they have no ownership over them," said EverdreamSoft CEO and Founder, Shaban Shaame.

"As we've seen with the recent concerns over loot crates and skins gambling, the ownership and control of in-game items is something that the games industry needs to resolve. Using blockchain provides an ideal way to achieve this.

"The question has been how to connect existing game economies to the blockchain in a way that doesn't de-stabilise the game, and more importantly, works."

We spoke with Shaame back in May 2017 about the decision to incorporate blockchain technology in its game, and how the technology may change F2P games in the future.


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