Hatch expands games catalogue with Noodlecake Studios partnership

The deal will see premium titles Death Road to Canada, Lumino City and Chameleon Run come to the streaming platform

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 31st, 2018 partnership Hatch
Noodlecake Studios
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Hatch expands games catalogue with Noodlecake Studios partnership

Cloud games service Hatch has expanded its games catalogue through a partnership with indie games publisher Noodlecake Studios.

Hatch is a mobile app that enables users to stream games without the need for a download. Using ads to monetise, it promises that each game on the platform is free with no IAPs or gameplay limits, though a subscription service is planned.

As part of its agreement with Noodlecake, Hatch will add premium games from the publisher’s catalogue free of in-app purchases or premium fees.

Noodlecake-published Chameleon Run, developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism, is already live and available to play on Hatch.

Other premium titles set to make the jump include Rocketcat Games’ action-RPG game Death Road to Canada and State of Play’s arty puzzle game Lumino City.

Oodles of games

Hatch is currently free while in open beta in Europe and monetises with a mix of advertising and brand storytelling.

An optional paid subscription that removes ads and brings more features and content will be introduced at a later date.

“We are super excited to support publishers like Noodlecake, who are showing the world just how delightful and different mobile gaming experiences can be,” said Hatch co-founder and head of content Vesa Jutila.

“Free-to-play games obviously have a place in the market, but their dominance means that mass consumers have been missing out on other types of games that are not designed around in-app purchasing.

“With instant play via our unique streaming tech and monetisation via advertising or subscription, Hatch sees an opportunity to grow the mobile games market and offer consumers a painless, low-risk way to discover and play great games they never knew existed or were even possible on mobile.”

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