Pokemon Go captures over $2bn through player spending

The location-based AR game hit the milestone after 811 days following hitting 1 billion in 302 days

Pokemon Go captures over $2bn through player spending

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has racked up over $2 billion through in-app purchases since launching back in 2016.

According to Apptopia, the location-based augmented reality game hit the milestone after 811 days, which is slower than the 302 days it took Pokemon Go to land its first billion.

That said, the fact it has reportedly hit $2 billion is no mean feat and recent additions such as player trading have seen the game surge back up to record player counts.

The lion’s share of lifetime revenue comes from Japan with 33.5 per cent despite the country not even making the top five for downloads.

The second most productive region for Pokemon Go is the US, which took 27.5 per cent of revenue and 21 per cent of downloads.

It should be noted that in-app purchases aren't Pokemon Go's only source of revenue. Niantic has signed deals with numerous companies in the past, including McDonald's, who use the game to attract customers to their stores.

I will travel across the land, searching far and wide

The report follows an open blog post from Niantic CEO John Hanke which detailed Pokemon Go’s summer.

According to Hanke, Pokemon Go saw a 35 per cent increase in active users between May and early September.

Hanke also mentioned that adding friend and trading features to Pokemon Go led to over 113 million friendships being formed, with a total of 2.2 billion gifts being sent between them.

The past summer also saw a slew of Niantic hosted Pokemon Go events in Germany, the US and Japan. 

The Chicago-hosted Pokemon Go Fest saw over 180,000 come to the city while Dortmund's Pokemon Go Safari Zone saw 170,000 come in.

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