In-app header bidding can increase ARPDAU by 30%, claims Appodeal

Participating app of the test also saw eCPM rise by 17 per cent

In-app header bidding can increase ARPDAU by 30%, claims Appodeal

In-app header bidding can lead to an increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of as much as 30 per cent, according to a report by Appodeal.

Called Parallel Bidding – First Results and Takeaways, the report looked at the effect of header bidding technology for mobile apps and measured performance data of a major ad network that integrated its Parallel Bidding platform.

According to Appodeal, the integrated ad network was able to “learn” the app traffic and its quality due to enabled Parallel Bidding technology.

The participating app’s ARPDAU was said to have demonstrated a 30 per cent increase along with a 17 per cent increase in eCPM.

On the app

“Until recently, in-app header bidding technology remained uncharted territory both for mobile app publishers and ad demand sources," said Appodeal CEO Pavel Golubev.

“Now, with early test results, it becomes clear that the more ad tech leaders adopt this technology, the better results it can demonstrate.

“In the ever-changing and unfair world of mobile advertising, publishers and ad networks finally got a chance to stand together and benefit from each other by participating in a real-time auction.”

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