Appodeal is now a part of umbrella ad tech solution brand Stack

Stack wants to help mobile publishers compete with an encroaching ad network industry

Appodeal is now a part of umbrella ad tech solution brand Stack

Ad mediation tool provider Appodeal is now a part of the new ad tech brand Stack.

Appodeal broke the news via a blog post, announcing Stack as a new umbrella brand for a number of tools and services - including Appodeal itself.

Stack looks to empower publishers by giving them frictionless access to advertising tools and systems. The company feels publishers are on the back foot right now and wants to be the service that gets them up to fighting strength.

Appodeal represents just one part in Stack’s four-part package, including business intelligence tool DataCore, user acquisition kit AppGrowth and expert consultation service Stack Team.

Four corners

“Developing in-house ad tech solutions has become a new norm among mobile app businesses,” said Appodeal and Stack CEO Pavel Golubev.

“More importantly, ad tech companies have begun branching out into the publishing business, merging advertising technology and publishing under a new umbrella.

“Because of this, the rest of the market - particularly, mobile app businesses - is put in an unfavourable position. While publishers might have the “publishing” and “game studio” expertise, they don’t always have the ad tech part of the equation covered.”

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