Cultist Simulator generates $226,000 on mobile in less than two months

61,671 downloads across the App Store and Google Play

Cultist Simulator generates $226,000 on mobile in less than two months

British studio Weather Factory has revealed that its card-based simulator title Cultist Simulator had generated nearly €200,000 ($226,000) in revenue on mobile.

The indie developer posted a large assortment of data from the game’s first two months on the platform, showing €118,075.15 ($132,271.92) made from the App Store.

The remaining €80,762.93 ($90,473.46) was picked up by Google Play to bring in an estimated total of $226,000 when currency inflation is taken into account.

US made up 32.1 per cent

32.1 per cent of Cultist Simulators revenue has been generated from the US, which came in at an estimated $80,301.1.

Following this closely was China, which accounted for 31.3 per cent of spending, with the UK taking third at 11.8 per cent. Canada snagged fourth at 3.8 per cent while Germany and Australia claimed fifth and sixth spot with 3.2 and 2.2 per cent respectively.

Cultist Simulator is a single-player narrative-driven experience that sees players raising a cult with the potential for an apocalyptic outcome. The game was ported to mobile by Playdigious with both companies taking a 50/50 split in revenue to earn $113,000 each.

You can see Weather Factory’s full deep analysis on the mobile title right here.

We recently spoke to Weather Factory co-founder Alexis Kennedy about the game as well as how the studio prioritises making fun over profit.

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