Why do games fail? How can you avoid it? deltaDNA explains in today's free webinar: 11am

Webinar at 11am GMT on Wed 27th, recording streamed @ 6pm GMT on Thurs 28th

Why do games fail? How can you avoid it? deltaDNA explains in today's free webinar: 11am

You may have missed our previous invitation, but here's a timely reminder that deltaDNA's FREE webinar titled: Reasons why games fail and how to avoid them is today.

A recording of the session will be streamed on Thursday, too.

The average Free-to-Play (F2P) game lasts longer now than ever before, but many still crash and burn. Why? Because they fail to adhere to F2P best practices in engagement, retention, and monetization.

The game design experts at deltaDNA have put together a list of the most common mechanical problems in games and, most importantly, the solutions to those problems.

Pointing to real-world examples from some of the most successful and well-designed games currently available on the market, this webinar is essentially a guide to designing successful games that will last into the long term.

The webinar

This event is targeted at developers looking to understand best practices in F2P game design.

Lead Game Design Consultant, Franco Spina, will go through the things that developers need to get right but often don’t.

Some areas set to be covered in this free webinar include:

  • Onboarding & game difficulty
  • LiveOps & elder game content
  • First purchase & repeat spend

The webinar takes place today at 11am GMT, with a follow-up stream at 6pm on Thursday 28th. Simply choose which time works for you and sign up now!

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