Zynga expands NaturalMotion with new Birmingham studio

Will focus on racing games

Zynga expands NaturalMotion with new Birmingham studio

Expansive US publisher Zynga has announced that it's opening a new studio in Birmingham, UK.

This studio will be part of the NaturalMotion division and focus on racing games.

NaturalMotion’s London studio is currently responsible for Zynga’s hit game CSR Racing 2.

In the early stages of formation, there are opening for the current positions:

  • Lead Game Designer,
  • Lead UI Artist,
  • Principal Games Engineer and
  • Principal QA Engineer.

“Our racing division is amongst the best in the world, and the opportunity to tap into the incredible racing talent the Midlands has to offer, highlights Zynga’s commitment to producing incredible content for its players,” commented NaturalMotion VP Julian Widdows.

For more information about job openings in the new Birmingham studio, please visit here.

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