Robin Games raises $7 million to bring mobile gaming to 'underserved women audience'

Ex-Jam City team going big

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March 19th, 2020 investment London Venture Partners
Robin Games
Robin Games raises $7 million to bring mobile gaming to 'underserved women audience'

LA-based startup Robin Games has announced $7 million in funding to make 'lifestyle games'.

The seed round, which was oversubscribed by $2 million, was led by LVP.

1Up Ventures, Alpha Edison, Everblue Management, firstminute Capital, Greycroft Tracker Fund, Hearst Ventures and Third Kind Venture Capital also participated.

LVP recently also invested in hypercausal development platform Coda and San Francisco startup Double Loop, which has a similar mission to Robin Games.

LVP’s Are Mack Growen joins the Robin Games’ board of directors as part of the investment.

Building on previous success

As for Robin Games, the majority of its current nine person team previously worked at Jam City, where CEO Jill Wilson was SVP, Game Development working on games like Cookie Jam and Panda Pop.

She says the company aims to provide stylish, sophisticated fantasy content for a new generation of games, especially women.

"Traditionally in gaming, when you say 'fantasy', you mean dragons and other mythical creatures, disproportionately built women, armies and battles and explosions and glory," said Wilson.

"We are expanding the definition of 'fantasy' for this modern wave of gamers, whose fantasies are just as diverse as they are."

"This team has developed and operated some of the world's most successful games for a decade, and now they have assembled to bring premium experiences to the massively underserved audience of women," commented Are Mack Growen.

"We are proud to have led their seed round and look forward to helping them redefine what it means to be a gamer."

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