Nintendo files two lawsuits against Switch hackers

"Team Xecuter" face another court case

Nintendo files two lawsuits against Switch hackers

Nintendo of America has filed two lawsuits against a group of hackers that are selling software which allows users to play pirated games on Nintendo Switch models.

As reported by Polygon, the initial lawsuit was filed on May 15th in Ohio against UberChips operator Tom Dilts Jr., who allegedly has been selling "unauthorised operating systems" to circumvent security on the console.

The second lawsuit was filed simultaneously in Seattle against an anonymous collective of defendants from numerous sites, who reportedly go by the name of "Team Xecuter".

In January, Nintendo won an injunction against the same group to stop defendant Sergio Mojarro Moreno from modding and selling pirated games on Switch.

SX Core and SX Lite

The UberChips website is reportedly down for "scheduled maintenance", with the website reading that: "An unfortunate set of events has happened" and that "we must cancel all pre-orders and cancel all pre-order for SX Core and SX Lite. We will begin processing refunds immediately."

Several websites listed in the second lawsuit are still offering hackable software for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is seeking $2,500 per trafficking violation in each case, alongside a permanent injunction to cease all operations of these websites.

Nintendo recently claimed victory in a lawsuit over a patent dispute with US mobile accessories firm Gamevice.

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