Avakin Life welcomes 200 million users

Currently sees 1.4 million players daily

Avakin Life welcomes 200 million users

Lockwood Publishing's virtual world game Avakin Life has reached 200 million users.

The impressive milestone includes all app stores the title is available on. Daily, the award-winning game sees 1.4 million users log in. Furthermore, over 70 million chat messages are sent daily.

In 2018, Avakin Life took home the Game of the Year accolade at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018.

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, games like Avakin Life provide a distraction to keep users entertained whilst at home. Players of the UK studio's title has experienced in-game concerts from a range of artists.

"A safe space"

"200 million registered users is not just a triumph for Lockwood Publishing and Avakin Life, but also the community who shape our universe," said Lockwood Publishing CEO Halli Bjornsson.

"By embracing diversity and limitless self-expression, we've built a safe space in which users can connect and push the boundaries of their creativity. We have several plans to improve that experience through 2020 and beyond. 200 million is just the start."

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