Facebook Gaming adds fan subscriptions and live ads for its content creators

Creators need at least 250 weekly viewers

Facebook Gaming adds fan subscriptions and live ads for its content creators

Facebook Gaming has added further monetisation options for its content creators.

As confirmed in a blog update, more fan subscriptions will become available for Level Up creators who have at least 250 returning viewers weekly. For the time being this will be limited to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, the UK and the US, but there are plans to bring the feature to more countries.

"Why 250 returning weekly viewers? We've found returning viewers to be a strong indicator of a loyal community. Creators who hit this benchmark have built a strong community and are more likely to be successful on Fan Subscriptions," said Facebook Gaming.

Partner monetisation

For those who are partnered content creators, live ads will now be available. These come in the form of pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads and more.

"People watching a live stream from our partners may see a pre-roll ad that runs before the live stream, an image ad that appears below the live stream, or a new format, a mid-roll ad that plays in the main video player during the live stream while the broadcast keeps playing in a smaller window," said Facebook Gaming.

Furthermore, the company is working on a feature called live breaks. Essentially, it is a longer form of advertisement that will allow content creators to take a break during a stream for a few minutes, whilst keeping their audience engaged.

"The new format blends creator-generated content such as clips and highlights with a traditional ads experience. These breaks are manually triggered 90, or 180-second intervals," said Facebook Gaming.

The Facebook Gaming app was first announced in April and has since hit Android devices, though iOS users are still waiting for it to hit the App Store.

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