Niantic teams up with theatre company Punchdrunk for games that will "reinvent storytelling"

It has 10 games in development

Niantic teams up with theatre company Punchdrunk for games that will "reinvent storytelling"

Augmented reality specialist Niantic has formed a multifaceted partnership with theatre company Punchdrunk.

Together, the companies hope to place players at the centre of their own story as they develop "multiple projects that will reinvent storytelling for a 21st-century audience and further expand the horizon of interactive entertainment."

"It is hugely exciting to be joining forces with the preeminent AR company in the world. At Punchdrunk, we create richly cinematic 3D worlds where audiences can explore, touch and smell the environment; where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are indistinguishable," said Punchdrunk art director Felix Barrett.

"I believe that Punchdrunk and Niantic can create something that has never been done before. They do it in AR; we do it in real life. Collide the two, and I think we will blow people's minds; bend the rules of genre and redefine the norms of mobile gaming."

AR specialist

Currently, Niantic has 10 new games in development, with prototypes for AR wearables such as glasses among them. All of the projects have a focus on social interaction, being outdoors, and movement.

"One of the games we are excited to bring to market soon is CATAN – World Explorers. Powered by the Niantic Real World Platform in partnership with the CATAN team and Asmodee, this new game transforms neighbourhoods, towns and cities across the globe into a giant game of CATAN, a classic board game loved by tens of millions of people around the world," said Niantic.

Catan - World Explorers is expected to enter beta in the near future, and for those who are interested, you can visit the game's website to find out more.

Over the years, Niantic has cemented itself as a true augmented reality specialist as it boasts a range of titles, including the ever-popular Pokemon Go. The game earned $111 million in revenue in March 2020, with the increased earnings have been attributed to people being in lockdown due to the coronavirus.

In April, the American firm welcomed Megan Quinn as its new COO. She comes from a strong background in leadership and investment.

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