Just Cause: Mobile, a new Among Us map and more appears at The Game Awards

Master Chief and The Walking Dead are coming to Fortnite

Just Cause: Mobile, a new Among Us map and more appears at The Game Awards

Square Enix both announced and dropped a trailer for Just Cause: Mobile at The Game Awards 2020.

As always, the annual ceremony was filled to the brim with now just the awards themselves, but a vast array of announcements and trailers. One of which was for Just Cause: Mobile.

The free-to-play shooter will feature both single-player and multiplayer options and will be released for Android and iOS devices. Just Cause: Mobile is expected to launch in 2021.

As is standard with the franchise, players can expect guns and a lot of explosions. The most recent franchise instalment is Just Cause 4, which was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Just Cause is not the only Square Enix franchise coming to mobile next year, as Lara Croft is set to appear in Tomb Raider Reloaded.

To battle

Besides the announcement by Square Enix, it was revealed that Xbox icon Master Chief would be coming to Fortnite.

For those that do not know who the legendary character is, he hails from the Halo franchise.

However, it is not just Master Chief that will come to Fortnite in its new season, as familiar faces for zombie apocalyptic TV show, The Walking Dead, will also appear in the battle royale.

The Halo protagonist is available in Fortnite now, while the other characters will appear later in the season.

Most recently, Fortnite welcomed PlayStation icon Kratos, who is available across all platforms.

One of Us

Meanwhile, InnerSloth's social deduction title Among Us is set to get a new map. It will offer a range of new ways to confuse and concern your victims.

Set to be released in 2021, the new map, as shown in its reveal trailer at The Game Awards, is set on an airship.

Not only did a new trailer for the multiplayer hit drop, but Among Us actually picked up a could of accolades on the night – Mobile Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer.

Finally, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a new character, another one from the Final Fantasy VII universe. On this occasion, it is the resident bad guy Sephiroth.

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