Lumikai leads $1.5 million investment in All-Star Games

The Indian studio specialises in Cricket mobile games

Lumikai leads $1.5 million investment in All-Star Games

Indian venture fund Lumikai has invested in Bangalore-based developer All-Star Games.

However, as reported by, it is not just Lumikai that took part in the $1.5 million pre-Series A funding round, as it was joined by Play Ventures.

Previously known as Deftouch, All-Star Games specialises in the sports genre, though it has a particular interest in the midcore cricket market.

So far, the Indian studio has launched two cricket games for mobile devices, while a third is in the works.


"Our investment in All-Star represents the conflux of two massive white spaces — deeper midcore gaming for India's 400 million gamers and the potential to build a next-generation, world-class cricket gaming franchise with true mass appeal," said Lumikai general partner Justin Keeling.

All-Star Games is not the first studio to receive support from Lumikai, as the venture fund backed Bombay Play with a $1 million investment.

Lumikai was established back in August 2020 and is the first gaming and interactive venture capital fund in India.

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