Mario Kart Tour races past $200 million in revenue

And 200 million downloads

Mario Kart Tour races past $200 million in revenue

Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour has surpassed $200 million in lifetime revenue and sped past 200 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower.

The mobile racer got off to a promising start when it was released on September 25th 2019, as it picked up 100 million downloads and accumulated $18 million in player spending.

Its revenue stream had increased to $100 million within six months, with the $4.99 a month Golden Pass.

Over the past 12 months, Mario Kart Tour proved to be Nintendo's second most lucrative game, behind Fire Emblem heroes.

The racing game grossed $93 million between April 1st 2020, and March 31st 2021, while the tactical RPG generated $163 million.

Party in the US

Mario Kart Tour generated the majority of its income from the US with 38 per cent of its total revenue, or rather $76 million.

Japan and France follow at No.2 and No.3 with 28 per cent and 7 per cent of total player spending, respectively.

At 63 per cent, the App Store accounts for the majority of Mario Kart Tour Revenue, while Google Play contributed 64 per cent.

As for downloads, the US reigned supreme once again with 37 million installs, or rather 19 per cent of the total.

Brazil and Mexico followed it with 9 per cent and 8 per cent, respectively.

Collectively, Nintendo's seven mobile games have accumulated 650 million downloads as of September 2020.

Round the track

When looking at the mobile racing genre as a whole, Nintendo's title is the fourth top-grossing title.

Over the past 12 months, KartRider Rush+ proved to be the biggest earning racer with $169 million, followed by Tencent's QQ Speed and Zynga's CSR Racing 2 with $146 million and $122 million, respectively.

However, Mario Kart Tour took the No.2 spot for revenue in the US, coming second only to CSR Racing 2. The former generated $35 million while later saw $73 million.

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