Gismart’s three Snapchat games attract nearly 90 million players

New release Friends Quest has been played by 4.8 million people

Gismart’s three Snapchat games attract nearly 90 million players

The latest Gismart release for Snapchat, Friends Quest, has been played by more than 4.8 million players since its launch in September.

The real-time competitive multiplayer platform game was released as part of a multi-game partnership agreement signed earlier in 2021 with Snapchat.

It was developed using PlayCanvas, a web-first 3D game engine on which developers can collaboratively build HTML5 games.

This is Gismart’s third game on Snapchat, with a fourth in development. The first two were Color Galaxy and Crazy Run.

Combined, the three titles have reached almost 90 million players.

Alternative hypercasual

“We view social platform games as a sustainable growing business for Gismart. With Snapchat, the chances of releasing a hit game are higher than in a hypercasual world today,” said Lana Meisak, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Gismart.

“Color Galaxy, our first title on Snapchat, is comparable with successful hypercasual games both in terms of the number of players and the profit received.”

Snap Games is a multiplayer gaming platform built for high-fidelity, synchronous gameplay, enabling play without needing to install a separate app.

Between the fact that 293 million people use Snapchat daily, and more than three quarters of American 13–14-year-olds use Snapchat, Snap Games denotes an enormous opportunity for mobile game developers.

“With Snapchat, players benefit from our in-game social features such as voice and chat, enabling them to play against their friends without friction. Gismart continues to take full advantage of our social features and leads a wave of innovative, new hypersocial gaming experiences,” said Pedro Rodrigues, Head of EMEA Games Partnerships at Snap Inc.

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