How to prepare your game’s monetisation strategy for the future

Learn about the growing trends in app monetisation and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve in Episode 5 of the Podcast

How to prepare your game’s monetisation strategy for the future

The value of the mobile gaming market is expected to reach a whopping $272 billion by 2030, as per a recent GlobalData report. All eyes are on the growing possibilities of mobile gaming monetisation and what the next steps are to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making mobile games as profitable as can be.

Recently, we hosted a special guest on the podcast: Imran Khan, Sales Lead for Facebook Audience Network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and together we discussed all things monetisation.

In this article, we will highlight some of the insights provided in this podcast episode as well as recent findings from Facebook Audience Network’s new Future of Monetisation Report which you can check out here.

Current top monetisation strategies

Building the foundation for success is essential -- below are some of the key manners that forward-thinking publishers are currently using to monetise their games.

  • An accelerated shift towards ad bidding: More publishers are opening real-time auctions between ad networks and other demand sources in which the highest bidder wins the ad placement. This is creating more revenue per impression for publishers and developers whilst giving them more time to focus on a holistic ad strategy and simplifying a complex and crucial part of any game.
  • Shift to hybrid monetisation: Publishers have shifted to a hybrid monetisation model. Historically publishers monetised through in-app purchases, but have now adapted their model to build in ads into the game from the start as well. They are building a more balanced in-game economy between in-app purchases and in-app ads.

Up-and-coming trends in-app monetisation

As we look towards the future of mobile gaming, innovation is what’s driving value. Users are looking for better experiences with ads, and higher-quality ads may yield better revenue results as the user experience increases and improves. In the upcoming years, users will be looking for creatively integrated ads that fit seamlessly into the game’s design.

Games will also continue to become more social with the transition from mobile gaming to cloud gaming. As instant, no-download games grow in popularity, the transition to cloud gaming will be here before we know it. Users will look for deeply immersive experiences with radical interactivity, and as such, in-app and cloud ads will lead to bigger revenue returns.

There are three ways you can quite literally stay ahead of the game:

  • Optimising efficiency: Make sure your iOS implementations are secure, bring your teams together to work on automated app ads, move towards bidding.
  • Building engagement: Build trust with consumers by focusing on the quality of your ads and building retention formats to reach audiences beyond the game through socials.
  • Refining ad strategy: Build non-personal ad experiences and leverage format innovations as well as re-investing in your game in order to grow it.

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