Newzoo: a "breakthrough" in mobile game reach as revenue to surpass $100 billion in 2022

Latin America and Southeast Asia could be biggest contributors to mobile growth

Newzoo: a "breakthrough" in mobile game reach as revenue to surpass $100 billion in 2022

Newzoo predicts global mobile revenue will surpass $100 billion this year for the very first time, and that the total number of players "will also have a breakthrough", set to reach 3.09 billion.

Overall global gamers industry revenue to hit a new record of $203.1 billion, although it is worth noting a slowdown in growth in the mobile space has been lower compared to 2020 and 2021 – years heavily defined by the COVID pandemic.

As such, the market share of mobile is expected to decrease to 51 per cent: a drop of one per cent from last year.

Finding ready players

Now that China is limiting game releases with its government regulations, even resulting in Tencent planning to pull international accessibility via its app, the acquisition of users is likely to remain a challenge. Newzoo expects the country’s year-on-year growth to be 2.8 per cent.

As for overall game revenue by region, the US has maintained the top position.

Mobile games are becoming more attractive to gamers as they grow to be "increasingly complex and immersive", Newzoo surmises, and Latin America and Southeast Asia showing infrastructure improvements with increasing access to mobile phones should make them the largest contributors to 2022’s continued growth.

Where privacy changes such as IDFA’s removal add additional challenges for developers seeking players, the latest AppsFlyer report found that 80 per cent of apps on iOS now implement a prompt for ATT, and that the opt-in rate is highest within games.

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