Deliver It 3D, Angry Birds Classic, and Football Manager are the fastest-growing iOS games in 2022

Mozillion reports on data for fastest-growing App Store mobile games

Deliver It 3D, Angry Birds Classic, and Football Manager are the fastest-growing iOS games in 2022

The latest Mozillion study has identified the fastest-growing mobile games on the App Store this year, as well as those seeing a decrease in popularity since 2021.

After analysing more than 500 of the most popular apps, the delivery game Deliver It 3D came out on top: moving up 997 positions in the App Store since the start of 2022 – up by one more spot than Rovio Classics: Angry Birds.

Rise and fall

The third-fastest-growing game is Football Manager 2022 Mobile, rising by 994 positions.

AppLovin-acquired Wordle! has seen success also, breaking the top five in Mozillion’s list of the fastest-growing games along with Fill the Fridge. Notably, Football Manager 2021 Mobile was also among the top 10 fastest growers.

Traffic Cop 3D, Retro Bowl and Paper Fold were the three games to drop in App Store popularity by the most significant margin since 2021.

In terms of monthly search volume on Google, Mozillion also studied data between October 2021 and March 2022 and found the app category "Games" saw 135,000 monthly searches. This placed it as one of the top categories, however it fell far behind dating apps, which reached 450,000 monthly searches.

Mozillion notes in its report that many apps "are only destined to spend a short time ruling the top positions of the App Store charts", and yet Minecraft and Papa's Pizzeria were both among the six apps to see no increase or decrease in position over the last six months.

"Apps are a huge part of everyday life for mobile phone owners in 2022. From tracking fitness and nutrition, mobile gaming or social networking with friends and family, checking the weather – or even finding your life partner!" said Mozillion founder Len Leeson.

"Our research has shown that while some apps are just fleeting trends, others are very clearly here to stay and remain firm favourites amongst mobile phone users, year after year."

The full Mozillion report can be found here.

A recent analysis by Bits and Pieces into Google search volumes also found that, according to search volume, Angry Birds is the most popular mobile game in the US.

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