Former Gameforge CEO launches Web3 publisher Eleet Games

Carsten van Husen to lead

Former Gameforge CEO launches Web3 publisher Eleet Games

Former Gameforge CEO Carsten van Husen has launched a new Web3 games publisher, Eleet Games, unveiled today.

A notable characteristic of this new publisher is its goal to see participation from players in regards to its commercial avenues and decision making, which Eleet Games calls "Publishing 3.0" or "Game Publishing Decentralised".

Bringing in blockchain

Eleet Games intends to use blockchain technology as a means of enabling player participation and with communications, initially via Discord but claimed the crypto components are optional.

Husen will operate as the publisher’s managing director, having previously worked as a member of the board at German games publisher Gameforge.

"We will only be successful in the short and long term if our games are entertaining," he said. "At Eleet, no one is forced to deal with crypto, buy a token or NFT. Just play along and see if the game is fun!"

Husen has been working with co-founder Peter Stein since the summer of last year with more than 20 contributors to realise the company’s concept. Games Workshop co-founder Sir Ian Livingstone is also going to be contributing as a consultant to Eleet Games

Livingstone said: "I've known Carsten for more than 20 years, and when Peter introduced me to the early alpha version of their first MMORPG, Oathbound, in the fall of 2021, it became clear to me that Eleet Games had a real opportunity to bring the worlds of gaming and blockchain closer together."

Revenues of all Eleet Games titles are expected to be shared with the community using blockchain technology.

The creator of trading card games Richard Garfield recently partnered with WAX on his first blockchain games project, bringing PvP to WAX's Blockchain Brawlers.

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