Room 8 Studio structural change leads to exclusive mobile games dev unit

At least two entities, including the mobile games dev and trailer production, will branch out from the studio

Room 8 Studio structural change leads to exclusive mobile games dev unit

External art provider Room 8 Studio has announced a business structure upgrade, which comes with a new brand philosophy and visual identity. This rebranding is the first step of the evolution of Room 8 Studio’s continuous evolution within the business structure of its parent company, Room 8 Group.

Within the next six months, at least two business entities will branch out from the studio, focusing on mobile game development and trailer production.

Prepared to tackle any challenge

Room 8 Group head of art service line, Vadim Kraevoy, stated: “We have been systematically growing and expanding the list of provided services since the Room 8 Studio’s establishment.

"From IP development to 2D/3D art production, from first concept to assets for stores and release trailers, it is safe to say that currently there isn’t anything our Art Line can’t or doesn’t do. Every publisher we have worked with over the last years, can attest to the fact that Room 8 Studio is prepared to tackle any challenge."

Kraevoy continued: “Not only are we staying up to date with the trends of the gamedev industry, but also we are setting new benchmarks of quality, speed, and client service. The upcoming diversification and evolution of our business, with mobile development and trailer production playing a more autonomous role within Room 8 Group, allow the Studio to fully embrace its art production approaches. I am certain that it is the marker of even greater times.”

Room 8 Studios provides a range of game development solutions, including look development, concept art, and VFX, for clients such as Square, Activision, and Ubisoft.

Earlier this year, Room 8 pledged to donate its net profits for 2022 to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

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