Xsolla launches systems to help new developers accelerate growth

Xsolla Accelerator and Xsolla Payout offers educational programs, funding, and streamlines payments

Xsolla launches systems to help new developers accelerate growth

Video game commerce company Xsolla has unveiled two new systems, Xsolla Accelerator and Xsolla Payout, which will help beginner developers manage the growth of their businesses.

Xsolla Accelerator educates early-stage developers on how to properly prepare their games from launch, and market their titles to the right investors for funding. Developers can apply for educational programs led by industry mentors and apply for bridge funds of up to $100 thousand to prepare for the next stage.

Accepted developers will also receive opportunities to connect with a global network of publishers and investors. Through this program, developers may be able to earn funding at the correct levels to build and launch their games.

"Developers should feel safe working with us, and we won't tap on publishing and IP rights. We will support developers in all negotiations," said business head of the Xsolla Accelerator Program Eugene Maleev,. "We have a vast network of investing partners, industry experts, and best practices to help studios succeed and earn that critical next level of funding."

Xsolla Payouts

Xsolla Payouts streamlines mass payouts and optimises operating efficiency. In addition to processing payments, the system takes care of onboarding, compliance, KYC, and tax reporting, reducing the accounting and integration effort.

"Video games are a two-way street. We process and manage video game transactions long enough to know what the digital world values the most," said President at Xsolla Chris Hewish. "We take care of many global payment operations for developers while creators can focus on what they do best: making great content."

Earlier this month, we reported that Xsolla has updated its web store, making it easier to sell to consumers outside of app stores.


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