Supercell to shelve Clash Quest in September

The game fell below the company’s expectations

Supercell to shelve Clash Quest in September

Supercell has announced that Clash of Clans spin-off Clash Quest will be shutting down next month.

The game, which was released last April, has failed to meet Supercell’s high standards, and as such the company made the difficult decision to end the development of the title.

In a statement addressed to the community, Supercell said "Over the past year, you've helped us make some incredible improvements to Clash Quest. With the feedback you shared with us on our social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord, etc., our goal was to make the game better and even more fun with each update. Our Content Creators also tirelessly championed Clash Quest on their channels, providing awesome strategies, contests, giveaways, and more."

"We are truly humbled by the dedication and enthusiasm you've showed us and we wish we could've given you the game we set out to create."

Although the game failed to meet the company’s high bar, Supercell stated that they will take what they’ve learned from the title’s development and apply it to other titles.

Off the market

As Clash Quest’s servers will be shutting down next month, Supercell have made the decision to delist the game on app stores and disable in-app purchases, both to prevent new downloads and to prevent users from spending money on the game. Users who have already made in-game purchases can transfer those purchases to other Supercell games, so long as those games as live. However, soft-launched and games in beta, such as Everdale and Clash Mini, are excluded from this initiative.

In July, Supercell increased its stake in Space Ape Games to 75 per cent with an additional investment of $37 million.

Last year, Supercell reached number six on our list of the top 50 game developers. We’ll be unveiling our list for 2022 in the coming weeks.

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