Get the latest tips and learn about the technology for the best multiplayer games at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

What goes into the most successful multiplayer games? Find out at next week’s leading games industry conference

Get the latest tips and learn about the technology for the best multiplayer games at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

Multiplayer games dominate the charts, but what’s behind their success? Discover the tips, technology and secret sauce that can help you compete at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki.

It’s this week - the return of the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki starts tomorrow, and what a conference we’ve got in store for you. We’ve put together an incredible lineup where 1,500 industry attendees can learn from 200 expert speakers on 21 tracks. It’s going to be our biggest show in the region by all metrics.

As we’ve led up to the event, we’ve highlighted each of our conference tracks, with today being no different. Today’s showcase is the Mastering Multiplayer track, sponsored by Photon. Photon is the world's leading Multiplayer service provider, with thousands of live games and more than 1.2B monthly active players. Photon makes it simple to launch AAA grade multiplayer games with Unity by providing the benchmark for state-synchronised and Deterministic multiplayer engines. Discover our samples to kick start your project.

September 28th: Mastering Multiplayer

14:00 - Kicking off the track is Photon’s Mark Val with a session on physic multiplayer reaching the top of the charts with 230m monthly players on one of their games.

14:20 - Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio’s Joao Eiras Antunes follows up with a superstar session on the indie approach to AAA development.

14:40 - Wrapping up the track is a panel with Mark Val and Superplus Games’ Aarni Linnakangas discussing why, how and what makes a multiplayer production flourish or not, and how you can be successful.

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