Netflix rolls out gamertag quality-of-life feature

The first of what looks to be a series of gamer-focused features in their gaming section may be a small addition, but it could herald bigger things.

Netflix rolls out gamertag quality-of-life feature

Usernames are a key feature of nearly any web-based application. From forums to messageboards, social media and of  course gaming. Gamertags are, for those uninitiated, pseudonymous handles by which any one playing through a gaming service is known. Your gamertag can be an expression of many things, from your favourite food or movie to your love of emo pop music. However in all cases it’s a way for players to identify themselves across an inherently impersonal stage.

We’ve previously reported on Netflix’s forays into the mobile gaming landscape. With their recent release of exclusive Desta: The Memories Between and their newly announced partnership with publisher Tilting Point to develop three new games built on their properties. But now, Netflix looks to be firming up the foundations of their gaming branch with the introduction of a small but important feature with gamertags.

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Netflix made the announcement, coupling it with an affirmation that this was, “-only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world.” Whilst it may seem like a small addition, it’s indicative of Netflix trying to make their app the ‘home’ for players. As they mention prominent multiplayer games on their devices, such as Rival Pirates, Lucky Luna and Dominoes Cafe, it would appear to indicate a multi-pronged initiative.

One one hand we have originals that are based on their properties, such as Stranger Things and the planned Narcos game in collaboration with Tilting Point. Besides that, the more substantial original releases such as Desta and their casual multiplayer games. Much as streaming drew audiences away from the tv, Netflix may be looking to recapture this shift with their mobile gaming aspect.

If Netflix continues with quality of life improvements, it may indeed improve the knowledge their users have of this little known aspect of their subscription. With that, an increased reason to retain it, and better financial security for the embattled streaming service.

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