Ten Square Games cuts quarter of staff and slashes two major projects

The moves are being made due to economic pressure and an unstable mobile market, claim the company

Ten Square Games cuts quarter of staff and slashes two major projects

Mobile developer Ten Square Games plans to cut 25% of their staff and cancel two major projects - Undead Clash and Fishing Masters.

The news, via of Reuters, comes at a time when a number of other mobile game developers and publishers have announced layoffs with some numbering in the hundreds. Around 120 people will be made redundant under the plans announced by Ten Square Games, and further development on Undead Clash and Fishing Masters will cease, and a writedown will be booked on these games.

In a statement, CEO of Ten Square Games Maciej Zuzalek announced "We have decided to end work on two projects - Undead Clash and Fishing Masters - and to significantly reduce employment in areas outside the company's main products. This will allow us to focus Ten Square Games' resources and energy on the development of the main titles - Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash - in the coming months, and prepare for the further scaling of Wings of Heroes.”

No safe harbour

Unfortunately, it looks as if reports and news on companies announcing layoffs are not set to end anytime soon. Much of this can be attributed to the long-term hangover from the post-Covid slump, where many developers and publishers expanded to catch up with the boom in mobile gaming - amongst other industries - when stay-at-home orders were in effect across much of the world.

Now that many of these restrictions have been lifted it has impacted demand and the need for expanded staffing. Although the mobile market is still higher than it was before Covid, it hasn’t yet surpassed the peak during the 2020-2021 period. This means that, due to other factors such as the global economic slump, many of these companies will be seeking to cut costs and that means cut jobs.

It's to be hoped that when the market does begin to brighten - and we're seeing the first signs of that happening - that roles like these will ideally open up once more for prospective candidates.

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