Torchlight: Infinite goes cross-platform, launching worldwide on mobile and PC

The free-to-play game is the first in the franchise developed for mobile devices

Torchlight: Infinite goes cross-platform, launching worldwide on mobile and PC

Torchlight: Infinite, the latest game in the Torchlight franchise and the first developed with mobile in mind, has been released following a successful beta period by XD Inc.

Torchlight: Infinite was developed for both mobile and PC, marking the series’ first move onto mobile platforms. The game features a dynamic roster of characters and customisation options, and aims to take the franchise in a new direction.

The official launch of Torchlight: Infinite coincides with the release of its latest season, Cube of Rapacity, and the introduction of new in-game talents for characters.

Additionally, the game has launched the Cube Dash contest, where the top 100 players can earn a share of a $10 thousand prize pool while their supporters can earn community rewards.

A move to mobile

While many developers working primarily on other platforms are increasingly making moves into the mobile space, usually this is in the form of existing ports or mobile exclusive titles. Although Torchlight: Infinite has been released on PC, this marks the first time that its developers have eschewed consoles entirely.

The game is the first in the series to be created by Chinese developer and publisher XD Inc. Although PlayStation and Xbox have both made moves to onboard game developers into console development, China remains one of the world’s foremost mobile gaming market. As such, while it’s possible the game will make its way onto console in the future, a current focus on mobile phones makes sense.

In order to help guide the game’s development, XD Inc. brought former Blizzard North president David Brevik on board as a consulting producer. In a video released on the game’s YouTube channel, Brevik stated, “There’s a lot of things that drew me to Torchlight, but I think first and foremost my co-owners of the company at Blizzard North and some of my friends from Flagship made the original Torchlight games.

“I really loved those games, played them a lot, gave them feedback, so when there was a new entry coming, and you could play it on mobile and PC, I was really excited about it.”

In addition to Google Play and the App Store, Torchlight: Infinite is being released on alternative app store TapTap.

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