My.Games to launch Little Big Robots in every region but China

The new mobile shooter is the third title in the successful War Robots franchise

My.Games to launch Little Big Robots in every region but China

Publisher My.Games is set to release the third title in its War Robots franchise, Little Big Robots, a family-friendly spin on the original game’s setting. What's interesting is that despite a widespread release in almost all regions, the game won’t be available in the lucrative market of mainland China.

Little Big Robots is a mobile shooter that also utilises the “build making” present in the other War Robots titles. It includes a battle royale mode and 4v4 co-op, while also allowing players to queue solo or in duos. My.Games indicates the title is intended to receive long-term support including new mechs, weapons and maps over the years, expanding their existing catalogue of live service games.

Pushing for a casual audience?

Pushing the title for a broader all-ages audience seems to be a primary aim for My.Games, as they note, “The new game has its own unique style and vibe. While the original War Robots and War Robots: Frontiers offer more of a classic and serious sci-fi setting, Little Big Robots is much more relaxed and bright. It suits all types of players and can be enjoyed with friends, family and people from all over the world.”

This new title can give us an indication of the overall strategy that My.Games is pursuing with their new European and worldwide focus. Especially with the omission of China, we can gauge an increased focus on the MENA regions, where the company recently opened a business hub. Despite the lucrative nature of the Asian market, competition is hugely fierce, and it may be that My.Games sees greater opportunity closer to home.

The focus on a softer image for the game also indicates that the company is looking to widen their net when it comes to their audience. Although they are of course not about to put their game in category for consumers, we can reasonably assume the title is following a hybridcasual design philosophy. Which, if so, would be a smart move to provide something that many players are clamouring for in the current gaming landscape.

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