Netspeak takes Sunshine Days cross-platform with PC debut and planned creator mode

The new PC version will also see the introduction of a “Creator mode” which will also come to mobile

Netspeak takes Sunshine Days cross-platform with PC debut and planned creator mode

UK-based developer Netspeak Games have announced that their mobile MMO Sunshine Days is making the jump to PC and is now available on Steam.

The title, which focuses on a more player-friendly and casual experience, has success on mobile as well as a surprising amount of innovation and player involvement in via user generated content. This new version of Sunshine Days will feature the debut of a “creator mode” that will also be added to their mobile version. The studio functions remote-first and we previously reported on their community-driven approach to Sunshine Days, as well as how they fostered a diverse development environment which also contributed to the game’s success.

Callum Cooper-Brighting, CEO of Netspeak Games says, "At Netspeak, we aim to serve our players by creating immersive, accessible, inclusive worlds that promote kindness and collaboration. The new Sunshine Days PC version includes a suite of new tools which turn players into creators. Armed to their creative teeth, players will now be able to design their own unique islands and immersive gameplay experiences in the Sunshine Days universe. These creations can be shared across the global Sunshine Days community via the Netspeak publishing platform.”

“Our creative strategy is built on diversity of thought and an openness to different ways of seeing the world, which is why we believe in giving players the tools to make the world of Sunshine Days their own. Today's announcement of the new creator tools is a natural next step in empowering our diverse community and giving them space to let their imaginations run wild.”

Building better

When we spoke to Callum Cooper-Brighting and chief of staff Kyra Chan at Develop: Brighton 2023 we also got the inside scoop on the-then upcoming port and tools. Cooper-Brighting explained just how unexpected, but exciting seeing players utilise building mechanics to create far more complex creations that even they had intended.

“We quickly realised what we were doing by enabling players to build their own creations and to express themselves, it was a form of UGC - we didn’t label it like that, we didn’t think of it like that, but we’ve just been blown away by what they’ve done. Some of the creations are just phenomenal - we’ve made the game and we’re just like ‘how did they do that’?”

Judging by their mention of the new Netspeak publishing platform, and the parity between versions it’s safe to say that building a creation platform akin to something like, say, Roblox may be on the cards for Netspeak.

Chan meanwhile added, “Accessibility and quality is paramount to us and our audience, our audience wants it to look good and work well.” And, as previously mentioned, she stated how the audience’s unexpected reactions and interaction with tools had influenced them, “The catalyst was seeing people use the tools in ways we hadn’t anticipated – like using blue flooring for water, ponds, moats, swimming pools and even a spa.”

It’s clear that their mobile title is not going to be put onto the backburner any time soon, and with the addition of a creator mode to the game they could be looking at building a cross-platform ecosystem that may really boost Sunshine Days into exploiting a more laid-back and UGC-focused niche.

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