Mobile game dev salaries increased an average of 21% in 2023

A game dev survey showed broad increases but there are some dips in some countries

Mobile game dev salaries increased an average of 21% in 2023

The average salary of a mobile game developer has increased by 21% in 2023, a new survey has revealed.

Conducted by Q&A site Stack Overflow, the survey showed that Germany saw the greatest increase in salaries with wages moving upwards by 24%, shifting from $67,186 to around $83,530 per-annum.

Meanwhile in the US and UK saw a 13% increase, moving from $87,948 in 2022 to $99,311 in 2023.

But it's not all good news for every developer There were also dips, as Canada saw a drop of 1% ($93,701 in 2022, down to $92,939 in 2023) while India suffered worst with a dip of over 10%, from $15,477 down to $13,934.

What’s the takeaway?

With a relatively small global respondent pool of 37,546 answers, it’s safe to assume that there may be a pinch of salt necessary with this news. However, the survey does reflect a broader trend of wage increases in line with inflation in many countries, and with layoffs in gaming through the year it’s entirely possible some devs in certain regions are now moving to roles with lower pay.

Of the roles surveyed, it was found that senior executives made the most at $117,126 on average, while students - perhaps unsurprisingly - made the lowest at $21,768.

68.61% of respondents were employed full time, however, the other 31.39% who are part time, on fixed contracts or working freelance and so may not have seen the same uplifts in line with inflation.

Macroeconomic pressures have been a significant factor for many game companies deciding to make layoffs, in line with broader tech industry trends. 

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