News Podcast - Playing 4 The Planet’s Lisa Pak on gaming for good and wielding the power of play

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It’s already known that games can positively impact mental health, but did you know they can positively impact the planet, too?

In this week's episode of the podcast Lisa Pak, sustainability consultant and project manager at Playing 4 The Planet, joins our host Peggy Anne Salz to describe how, with its superpower reach, the games industry can wield the power of play in the fight against the climate crisis.

Playing 4 The Planet, are a global alliance supported by the United Nations Environment Programme that unites and supports game studios and trade bodies in reducing carbon emissions and implementing green activations in games.

Through planet-powering programs, campaigns, and the annual Green Game Jam, Playing for the Planet members bring a new meaning to gaming for good - and so can you!

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What's inside:

00:00 Intro
01:44 What is Playing for the Planet?
05:38 Lisa's journey to Playing for the Planet
08:45 Green Game Jam
11:45 Saving the Harlequin toads with games
14:27 How to get involved in the Green Game Jam
17:31 Integrating sustainability into game ads
20:27 How to start being green at your game company
25:02 Farming with friends
28:45 Favourite games Q&A with Lisa

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