Babil Games co-founders AJ and MJ Fahmi depart for new ventures

After 11 years building the mobile company, the COO and CEO are now on a new path to find new opportunities and challenges

Babil Games co-founders AJ and MJ Fahmi depart for new ventures

Babil Games CEO and COO MJ and AJ Fahmi have left games developer and publisher Babil Games 11 years after founding the company in 2012. 

Sharing the news on LinkedIn, AJ said the co-founders were set to "explore new entrepreneurial landscapes" and suggested they would stay working in the games industry.

While AJ is currently CEO and founder of Big Green Grape LLC, MJ is yet to reveal his next potential project.

AJ that their departure would mark a new beginning for the Babil Games, which was "poised for continued excellence and market leadership".

A new chapter

“Over the past 11 years, we have nurtured Babil Games from a fledgling startup to a leader in the mobile gaming industry in the MENA region," he said.

"Our journey, especially since our strategic alliance with Stillfront Group in 2016, has been a testament to our unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation.

“As we step aside, we are proud to leave Babil Games in the hands of an exceptional team, confident in their ability to steer the company toward a future filled with growth and success. This transition is not just a milestone for us but a new beginning for Babil Games, poised for continued excellence and market leadership."

Babil Games was founded in 2012 and has its offices located at its Dubai HQ in United Arab Emirates and in Amman, Jordan. The company has developed titles such as Strike of Nations, War Storm, Nida Harb 3 and many others. It was acquired by Stillfront Group in late 2016 in a deal worth up to $17 million.

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