AppsFlyer closes the year with second acquisition in less than a month

The company plans to harness the full capabilities of AI to optimise its growth and monetisation strategies

AppsFlyer closes the year with second acquisition in less than a month

Analytics company AppsFlyer has finalised its second acquisition in under a month by acquiring AI-driven platform oolo. The user acquisition and monetisation platform can display real-time analysis of app data, forecast performance, pinpoint growth opportunities, and identify anomalies in ad revenue.

The acquisition strengthens AppsFlyer’s portfolio of products and services as the company introduces solutions crafted for the interconnected needs of modern marketing, growth and monetisation teams. The AI-driven platform will now operate as “oolo by AppsFlyer.”

Leveraging AI

Harnessing oola's AI capabilities could provide AppsFlyer with a tool to enhance its user acquisition and monetisation strategies as the platform automates the analysis of live app data and offer insights that enable quick identification of campaign performance issues or even creative inefficiencies.

Yuval Brener, oolo's CEO, emphasises the significance of AI in bridging the inherent tension between quality and quantity in a release. The acquisition is, “Set to blaze a trail in the data analytics space,” he said. “It doesn’t replace UA managers; it equips them with tools so they don’t have to spend hours every day doing machine-like work and still end up with less accurate results.”

A broader strategy

While oolo will continue as a standalone solution, AppsFlyer plans to integrate its technology into their Privacy Cloud Marketplace. The marketplace, which aims to provide developers with API access to various ad networks, analytics, AI models, and software services without compromising user data, has been in closed beta since October.

Following the earlier acquisition of app analytics provider devtodev in November, AppsFlyer adding oolo to its portfolio also aligns with the company's broader strategy to populate the marketplace and generate momentum. The company also joined forces with Xsolla in August to grant developers access to cross-platform measurement and player insights.

AppsFlyer's approach emphasises data minimisation, aiming to reduce unnecessary data movement to enhance security and privacy. 

AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel says the acquisition, “Offers brands new opportunities to harness AI’s full capabilities to optimize their growth and monetization strategies. We believe the future of data-driven decisions is in smart AI rather than the static tools which are common today."

Future acquisition plans

While the company remains open to potential acquisitions in 2024, AppsFlyer is currently focused on recruiting third-party partners for the Privacy Cloud Marketplace to secure and leverage data more effectively. As the mobile app ecosystem continues to evolve, the company's acquisition of oolo underscores its commitment to strategic growth and innovation in the mobile marketing and analytics sector.

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