Cooking Fever’s TGI Fridays crossover reached four million in two weeks

Nordcurrent and TGI Fridays have partnered to bring the restaurant chain in-game for 2024

Cooking Fever’s TGI Fridays crossover reached four million in two weeks

Mobile games developer and publisher Nordcurrent has partnered with TGI Fridays to bring the American restaurant chain to the digital world via Cooking Fever.

Through the partnership, almost 100 branded elements from menus to kitchenware are now appearing in a playable TGI Fridays Cooking Fever restaurant, gamifying the chain for the first time. The licencing partnership is enabling TGI Fridays to leverage Cooking Fever’s huge playerbase of 10 million monthly users, and will continue throughout 2024.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, Cooking Fever intends to introduce various activities, contests and cross-promotional events for fans of each franchise. And in the first two weeks from launch, four million TGI Fridays in-game experiences have already been formed.

So much to play for

As one of the most popular restaurant simulation games on the market, Cooking Fever’s total install numbers are over 400 million as it charges towards its 10th anniversary this August. It marks Nordcurrent’s biggest game by far, among an impressive catalogue of over 50 games.

Nordcurrent CEO Victoria Trofimova anticipates "multifold benefits of the partnership".

Meanwhile, TGI Fridays SVP and chief supply chain officer Kathleen Schloth stated: "We value the opportunity to introduce a beloved restaurant brand, present in more than 60 countries, to gaming enthusiasts, and strengthen TGI Friday’s brand awareness. Also, the collaboration is going to reinforce ‘Cooking Fever’s’ position as a leading game in the simulation game industry, setting new standards for culinary-themed gaming experiences.

"TGI anticipates a mutually beneficial partnership that expands our reach, enhances brand recognition, and contributes to the ongoing success of our global restaurant chain."

Brand partnerships are becoming increasingly prevalent with mobile games, as it looks more and more like everyone wants to get their products in front of gamers. And that’s no big surprise, given the sheer number of mobile players out there. Whether it’s the Barbie movie in Stumble Guys or Wonka in Words With Friends 2, Bakugan in Roblox or now TGI Fridays in Cooking Fever, everyone wants to get in front of a mobile audience.

This latest partnership even marks an opportunity for mobile fans to boost local economies, encouraging players to go out and spend at real-world locations, just as Pokémon Go has proven to do.

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