Match Factory! surpasses $20M… With 99% coming from iOS

Peak Games’ Match Factory! has taken the 3D puzzle world by storm since its August 2023 release

Match Factory! surpasses $20M… With 99% coming from iOS

The popular new 3D puzzle game Match Factory! is seeing strong results so far, with this Peak Games title landing the second-highest spot on the Top Trending chart by revenue less than six months on from launch.

The app chart uncovers the games with the most remarkable growth rates, and combined with App Magic data, Match Factory! is revealed to have earned an approximate $22.5 million in gross revenue so far. Having launched in late August 2023, Match Factory! is only just approaching its six-month anniversary.

A strong start

Match Factory! is situated in the puzzle subgenre match 3D, which typically tasks players with tapping and swiping their screens to identify and organise 3D objects. The most popular form of organisation - and the type seen in Match Factory! - is forming trios of identical objects.

Naturally King holds the crown for this playstyle with Candy Crush, which even received a 3D adaptation late last year. But Peak Games’ Match Factory! is growing fast in the space despite its lack of "any revolutionary innovations", according to App Magic. Its publisher has a strong track record in puzzle games after all, with Toon Blast and Toy Blast having amassed $2.78 billion and $1.78 billion respective earnings through the years.

And with Match Factory! showing a 350% month-on-month growth in November and December 2023, the potential is clearly there for this to become another billion-dollar maker.

App Magic data shows that the US comprises this title’s biggest-spending audience with a giant 77% of revenues generated there. The UK has also contributed into the double digits with 10% of revenues, meanwhile Canadian players have spent 2% of the total.

And curiously, the overwhelming majority of revenue has been generated via App Store payments, accounting for 99% of revenue. Of course, this means Android players have hardly spent at all, with only 1% of Match Factory! earnings being generated through Google Play.

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