Global Game Jam's Tim Cullings to step down

Established in 2008, Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game-creation event, held both physically and virtually across the globe

Global Game Jam's Tim Cullings to step down

The Global Game Jam’s (GGJ) Executive Director Tim Cullings is stepping down after two years of leading the world’s largest game creation event. Charly Harbord, the GGJ’s Director of Partnerships, will serve in an interim lead role during the search for the next Executive Director.

Established in 2008, Global Game Jam is the world’s largest game-creation event, held both physically and virtually across the globe. At Game Jam events participants unite to develop games based on an ever evolving annual theme working collaboratively and against the clock to share their talent and create something cool.
Global Game Jam is a non-profit organisation operating year-round to emphasise innovation, experimentation, and inclusiveness, working through partnerships and community initiatives.

“We appreciate and celebrate all Tim has accomplished as a long-standing and dedicated leader of the GGJ community.” said Sabrina Culyba, GGJ Board President. “We wish him the best in his next endeavor.”

During Cullings’ two years as executive director, the GGJ emerged from the impacts of the pandemic and regained much of the momentum that the organization has been experiencing since its inception. Before becoming Executive Director in 2022, Cullings was the Director of Operations of the GGJ, a long-time site organizer in Seattle and a fervent advocate of the GGJ.

"I will always be a part of this amazing community"

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as both Director of Ops and Executive Director for GGJ,” said Cullings about his departure. “I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to enable people all over the world to pursue their passion as game developers and to build safe and inclusive communities as organizers. Even though I am stepping away from my role at GGJ I will always be a part of this amazing community and will do my best to continue to serve the people who make GGJ what it is.”

Tarja Porkka-Kontturi, Director of Community Engagement of Global Game Jam, explains the work done by the GGJ. “GGJ serves as a great starting point for getting experience in teamwork and the full game development cycle. It builds the courage to network and gives an opportunity to make life-long friends who can turn into colleagues. Many GGJ jammers have established their own indie studios or joined existing ones.

“Making a complete game, albeit a small-scope jam game, is a valuable addition to the portfolio and can help in getting a career in games. Also, the GGJ community is full of very helpful, kind and supportive folks who are ready to help others. From all over the world. This kind of community really shows how united we can be.

“Recent layoffs cause anxiety and doubts, including within those who are just starting their game development journey. For indies, it can be tough to get funds to continue working on your game. We try to connect folks who have the resources (incubators, organisations, publishers) with our indie community and support them in creating meaningful connections.”

The GGJ Board of Directors has initiated the search for the organization’s next Executive Director. Interested parties can view the job description and additional information here.


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