Get practical tips on every aspect of game development at PG Connects San Francisco

Everything a growing developer needs: essential, practical advice about all aspects of making games this March 19th

Get practical tips on every aspect of game development at PG Connects San Francisco

With Pocket Gamer Connects x Game Connection America San Francisco coming up next week, we thought it was time to explore the 10-track conference schedule. This March 18th and 19th, more than 70 world-class expert speakers will bring you the hottest trends and latest innovations in the global games industry.

You’ll have access to two days of cutting-edge talks, seminars and panel discussions with some of the world's leading authorities covering everything from monetization and growth strategies, to web3, blockchain and the metaverse.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most exciting companies, brands and individuals in the games industry - tickets are available now.

Between now and when the venue doors open, we’ll share what each track is about, as well as the talented individuals that will lead the sessions.

The Developer Toolkit track

Tuesday, March 19th

Gain valuable expertise from game development professionals as they divulge insights into pivotal tools, software, and methodologies vital for crafting top-tier games. Unlock optimisation techniques, efficient workflows, and adept teamwork advice for ensuring excellence in game creation.

09:30 Expanding Brands Through Mobile: 3 Things to Know When Licensing for a Mobile App

  • Eugene Evans, SVP Digital Strategy & Licensing at Hasbro & Wizards of the Coast

Eugene Evans has driven growth for your favorite brands from childhood and into adulthood – Monopoly, Peppa Pig, Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. – while protecting what made them so fun and exciting in our childhoods. After a particularly exciting year launching mobile app Monopoly GO!, Evans reflects on the key pillars of how to make a game great while keeping what made the IP great in the first place.

09:50 How Asia's Growing Influence Impacts the Global Games Industry

  • Stuart Dinsey, Chairman at Curve Games
  • Qi Lu, CEO / Founder at Supernova Games
  • Yong-Yi Zhu, VP & Head of Business Operations & Strategy at Tencent Games Global

In the past we've often held panels on how Western publishers can crack the Asia markets - but a bigger trend has become Eastern companies investing significantly in the West and partnering with publishers to develop hit games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal. This panel explores why the trend has reversed, and why Western publishers are so keen to partner with Asian developers to develop the next big hit with their most cherished IP.

10:20 Navigating the Hypercasual and Hybridcasual Market in 2024

  • Mike Lucero, Head of Product Management for Gaming at Samsung Electronics
  • Craig Chapple, Head of B2B Content at Steel Media
  • John Wright, Vice President, Mobile Publishing at Kwalee
  • Anton Volnykh, Chief Publishing Officer at Say Games
  • Christopher Lefebvre, Chief Strategy Officer at ByteBrew

Industry experts will explore the evolving world of hypercasual gaming, dissecting the nuances of hypercasual and hybridcasual game development. The discussion will span the spectrum of “snackable” games, from their roots, to their contemporary hybrid forms, highlighting the changes driven by market shifts. Attendees will gain valuable tips on succeeding in this sector, with advice tailored to navigating user acquisition, maximising engagement, and adapting to the changing landscape.

10:50 Hunting With Hits: Tempo Slaying Monsters in Harmony

  • Chase Bethea, Composer & Technical Music Designer

When it comes to rhythm games, pushing momentum is always the focus of progression. The challenge is defining a fresh, direct and correct approach to the composition while being cognizant of battle design limitations. This talk will demonstrate the creation and implementation of an interactive score for a hunting RPG with rhythm combat mechanics.

This talk will be a conspectus of the composer’s musical vision for the game and a deeper comprehension of some technical attributes. Exhibition of workflow, adding and modifying content as well as gameplay context in correlation to how it immerses the player.

Audience Takeaways: Attendees will learn how to overcome some challenges to build an interactive score for a rhythmic combat RPG mechanics and learn techniques that build buoyancy and keep the player engaged. Attendees will also understand the constant challenges, discipline and initiative it takes to iterate and test your own work before seeking final approval on a very small indie team.

Fringe events, parties and networking

As well as two full days of unmissable conference content, whether you're a publisher, developer, investor or indie, we have seminars, roundtables, networking, fringe events and parties designed to give you a conference experience you won't forget. 

And in addition to all those amazing live opportunities, every one of our 750+ attendees gets full access to the event's online meeting scheduler, MeetToMatch. As well as connecting you with decision makers from more than 350 companies, you can organise your appointments at the event itself.

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