Monument Valley is 10 years old today, kickstarting a year of celebrations

The two Monument Valley have games proved pivotal in pushing mobile gaming platforms with a new launch on Netflix Games up next

Monument Valley is 10 years old today, kickstarting a year of celebrations

It's hard to believe but Monument Valley is 10 years old today, and its creators, ustwo games are commencing a year-long celebration to mark the occasion.

Monument Valley broke new ground for gaming on iOS showcasing both the power of Apple's emerging handsets and new-for-the-time iPad, but also in making ground breaking use of a touch interface while introducing a more lesuirely, thoughtful style of game where world-beating level design and puzzles finally aced twitch gameplay and the quest for high scores.

And let's not forget the game's gorgeous good-looks, with it's mind-widening use of parallax and 3D topography allowing players to negotiate impossible landscapes and literally turn the gameworld on its head.

It's innovative use of additional episodes (available for the all-new in-game purchase mechanic) meant that the game was not only a success with fans and critics alike (winning two BAFTAs and an Apple Design Award) but - following it's release on April 3 2013 - earned an equally-loved sequel in June 2017.

To date the games have amassed over 160+ million downloads across mobile and desktop platforms and - after becoming Apple Arcade games and finding a new audience - their quest continues with the news that both games will be coming to Netflix Games at a TBC date in 2024.

“Monument Valley holds a special place in the hearts of not only everyone here at ustwo games, but more importantly among its global community of fans,” said Danny Gray, COO at ustwo games. “It was a landmark game for us, and it’s incredible to see how it has resonated with players around the world over the past decade. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for Monument Valley’s next chapter.”

A year-long party

And now, to commemorate the first game's 10th anniversary milestone, ustwo games is rolling out a year of exciting activities for fans to enjoy. These include:-

  • 10th Anniversary celebration video: From early development to release, Monument Valley was a smash hit with artists not traditionally associated with gaming, from Guillermo del Toro to Ariana Grande. Check out the full hype of the past 10 years with the team's Anniversary Celebration video (below)
  • There'll be a special musical performance from Monument Valley’s composer, Todd Baker who has worked with some of the most prestigious and innovative studios in the industry on award-winning titles that have gained widespread critical acclaim. Details coming soon.
  • Community Events: ustwo games will be hosting online and offline events throughout the year, giving fans a chance to connect and celebrate their love for Monument Valley, including a special activation at the Develop:Brighton event coming up in July 2024.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Get a glimpse into the creative process with exclusive developer interviews, concept art reveals, and insights into the making of Monument Valley.
  • Fan downloads: An expanding collection of wallpaper art to decorate the desktops and home screens of fans everywhere is up for grabs here
  • Deeper dives and insights via the ustwo games Voices Series: The ustwo games development team will be taking fans on journeys through their creative processes via a series of short video interviews.

“Monument Valley's legacy is far-reaching,” said Jamie Wottton, Marketing Manager at ustwo games. “It helped pave the way for premium mobile games and helped set the tone for ustwo games continuing on our path of creating games with lasting change and impact in the world."

Join the celebration and check out the 10th Anniversary Celebration website hub here.

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