Brawl Stars crushed Clash of Clans’ monthly revenue in March

Meet the new champion. New features, events, content, and lead producer all help push Brawl Stars to greater heights

Brawl Stars crushed Clash of Clans’ monthly revenue in March

For the first time in over three years, Supercell’s Brawl Stars generated more monthly revenue than their flagship Clash of Clans this March.

As per AppMagic data, the battle arena title brought in $66.98 million in gross consumer spending last month, while its predecessor and strategy game giant Clash of Clans only generated $46.7 million.

Notably, Clash of Clans’ earnings didn’t fall considerably in March - they’re consistent with January and February’s respective $46.28 million and $46.79 million, and up year-on-year from $42.42 million in March 2023.

It’s Brawl Stars’ own success therfore, that has caused this turnaround: its first win over Clash of Clans since February 2021.

Rising star

Brawl Stars teetered around $10 million monthly revenue for much of 2023, but has been on an incline since September’s $12.34 million and ended the year with $26.79 million in December. It has only continued to grow since, generating $39.8 million in January 2024 and $45.29 in February 2024.

Compared to one year ago, when Brawl Stars generated only $11.6 million in March 2023, the game has almost sextupled its consumer spending to $66.98 million this March.

In terms of daily revenue, its current victory over Clash of Clans began on March 7 and continued uninterrupted through the rest of the month - the same month that Maurice Kroes was appointed as Brawl Stars’ first-ever lead producer.

Daily net revenues of Brawl Stars (red) and Clash of Clans (blue) from AppMagic

Across last month, Brawl Stars’ daily revenue peaked on March 8 at $3.1 million while Clash of Clans’ biggest day was March 1 with $2.84 million. It marks quite the success story after being "very much on the edge" of a shutdown during soft launch, according to Supercell's own Brawl Stars GM Frank Keienburg.

In the end, the game launched globally in 2018 and has been a hit in its own right, though did experience a turbulent 2023. The uplift at the end of the year is clearly continuing well into 2024, with new features, events, offers and PvP content all playing a role in Brawl Stars’ resurgence.

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