Who will be the next $10 billion games company after Supercell?

Oscar Clark asks some industry experts

Who will be the next $10 billion games company after Supercell?

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016, Oscar Clark led a panel of industry experts in a discussion on which developer will be "the next Supercell" and be worth $10 billion.

Joining him were:

Daniel Blomquist, Partner at Creandum;
Jiri Kupiainen, Founder & CEO of Shark Punch;
Samir El Agili, Chief Product Officer at Tilting Point.

Maturing market

"It's a signal that the market has matured," said Kupiainen on the topic of whether "decacorns" are healthy for the industry, pointing out that it encourages other developers to get involved in mobile as they can clearly see that it will make them money.

"Only Supercell has been able to make multiple hits," said Agili, going on to say that it is unlikely the developer will be able to continue its level of success if Tencent starts pushing it to release games faster.

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