Xsolla announces new partnership with marketing platform YouAppi

The new partnership sees the companies collaborate to increase engagement with users

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May 25th, 2023 partnership Xsolla
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Xsolla announces new partnership with marketing platform YouAppi

Video game commerce company Xsolla has announced a new partnership with mobile marketing platform YouAppi, which helps global brands accelerate growth.

The collaboration aims to address the needs of the gaming market by providing retargeting campaigns, helping mobile game makers drive more players to web shops and grow revenue from existing users.

The partnership aims to help businesses boost retention and revenue growth to their partners. The partnership will allow game makers to retain, retarget, and re-engage mobile app users while amplifying the Xsolla web store’s capabilities, with the company aiming to increase average purchase amount and the number of repeated purchases while re-engaging lapsed players.

"Today, we're proud to announce a game-changing alliance between Xsolla and YouAppi, the leading mobile marketing platform for brands seeking exponential growth,” said Xsolla president Chris Hewish. "Our joint mission is to revolutionise how video game developers and publishers engage with mobile app users, optimising retention, retargeting, and re-engagement strategies. By synergizing our efforts, we're amplifying the strengths of Xsolla Web Shop, which already excels in boosting average purchase amounts, repeat purchases, and transitioning traffic from mobile to web."

The power of partnership

Web Shop is Xsolla’s direct-to-consumer commerce solution for mobile games, allowing game makers to sell in-game items and currencies and inspire purchasing, increase lifetime value and average revenue per user while keeping a higher proportion of revenue. The new partnership boosts Xsolla’s ability to accelerate growth.

Web shops and alternative app stores have become an increasingly hot topic within the mobile industry, as more and more game makers are looking outside of the established app ecosystem to drive revenue, circumventing commission fees charged by both Apple and Google Play for transactions processed on their systems.

"The Xsolla and YouAppi partnership is a powerful combination,” said YouAppi CEO Moshe Vaknin, CEO of YouAppi. “Xsolla's understanding of increasing user monetization through its Web Shop uniquely complements YouAppi's ability to increase user retention through mobile app retargeting. This will be an industry-leading collaboration."

Last month, Apple was directed to allow game makers to take payment through third party sites. How the company will abide by these new regulations is expected to be revealed in the company’s upcoming WWDC event on June 5.


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