Mobile games industry financials calendar 2019

Rounding up the key dates and reports to keep you on top of the mobile business

Mobile games industry financials calendar 2019

Mobile gaming is continuously on the rise. In fact according to Newzoo it's the largest segmented of the $134.9 billion games market, making up $63.2 billion.

It's safe to say then that companies around the globe are making big money in the sector. But keeping track of it all and how each company is performing can be difficult.

Thankfully the majority of these companies trade on several different stock exchanges, meaning every quarter the revenue is uploaded to the web for anyone to read until their heart’s content.

Show me the money

Though trudging through all the pages and pages of documents can be a chore. So for 2019 we’ve created a mobile games industry financials calendar which we’ll update accordingly each quarter to help make things easier.

You'll find announcement dates, links to the financial reports and to our own coverage, summarising the key takeaways fron the documents and investor meetings.

Click here to see the financial reports ending December 31st 2018.

Click here to see the financial reports ending March 31st 2019.

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