It's streaming month on PocketGamer.biz!

Tell us about why you're interested in the future of streaming - or why you aren't even slightly bothered

It's streaming month on PocketGamer.biz!

Streaming is fast becoming the next big thing in gaming, bringing high quality games to all platforms through the magic of the cloud, 5G, or good old superfast broadband.

Taking most of the processes off-platform and onto separate servers means no more downloads, and on mobile, it means that games previously thought unplayable are now available.

There are some caveats - additional controllers are usually required for these bigger experiences, for example - but all in all, it's a pretty exciting step forward for the games industry.

But that's only from our perspective. This month, we'd like to turn to you, our readers, and find out your thoughts on streaming and how it will change the mobile games industry.

Tell us about it

We're looking for guest articles from readers like you with experience in the industry, or those of you who are starting to explore streaming, to talk about why you're excited - or not at all interested - in this new technology.

This could cover topics such as:

  • Developing for streaming platforms
  • How streaming will affect mobile monetisation (if at all)
  • What needs to happen to make streaming more widely available
  • The longevity of streaming as a technology

If you're interested in taking part, please get in touch with our editor Ric Cowley at ric.cowley@steelmedianetwork.com.

Still going remote

As well as that, we'll still be continuing our coverage of remote work and how it's changing the mobile games industry, with our weekly Jobs In Games pieces and some unannounced projects to come.

Most of us are now settled into work-from-home life, so if you'd like to contribute an article on that particular topic, feel free to reach out with your thoughts and experiences that you think might help other companies stay productive in these troubled times.


Ric is the Editor of PocketGamer.biz, having started out as a Staff Writer on the site back in 2015. He received an honourable mention in both the MCV and Develop 30 Under 30 lists in 2016 and refuses to let anyone forget about it.